Comic Script Template

This is a template for Scrivener based on the Fred Van Lente comic script template. While I plan to continue working on this, updates can only happen when I have time. You are more than welcome to open the hood and fiddle about. I only ask that you let me know what you did so I can share the results!

comic script template

comic script template 2.0

The biggest change comes with the tabbing for dialog. In my original template, I couldn’t have all the dialog indented together. I was able to fix that so now it looks, and compiles, much closer to the .docx format script. They might even be indented too far, but I like where it’s at right now.

Secondly, I did away with the default Scrivener Title Page and added one that is more in keeping with the easy to use/easy to read philosophy of the Van Lente comic script template.

There are a few limitations I still haven’t figured out how to get around. Most notably, to me, is the numbering. On Mr. Van Lente’s template, dialog is numbered sequentially down a page and then resets on new pages. On mine, it resets with each panel. Personally, I prefer resetting with each panel, but I would like to make it an option for anyone who wants to keep the original number scheme.

I hope you enjoy the updates! Let me know if you have any questions.

ZIP Archive (includes .scrivtemplate and .scriv folder)

Template file (.scrivtemplate)